5 Critical Pinterest Engagement Tactics

1 Hour and 17 minutes! That’s how long people spend on Pinterest. 1 in 5 Facebook users are on Pinterest DAILY! That’s 2 million people.

Are you leveraging this untapped potential in your own marketing? Here’s how to engage your followers and turn them into clients today!

Tip #1
Announce your latest Pin on your Facebook business page and provide a link. Photos on your Facebook page are more readily shared and ‘liked’ so here’s your chance to maximize your social reach. In working with travel pros I’ve found that people are more likely to share photos of beaches, sunsets and food. Where’s your focus going to be?

Tip #2
Do you want to engage and sell more? A call to action is crucial to reach your goal. Ask your Facebook fans to re-pin their favorite photos from your boards. Bonus tip: Is cruising your niche market? You may consider setting up boards for each cruise ship you’ve sailed, then ask your fans to re-pin their favorite photos to their own Pinterest boards. This is a call to action along with building remarkable reach. Then, consider making this into a contest. More on that later.

Tip #3
# aren’t only for Twitter! When you’re composing a description of your latest Pin think about key words that people may search and include as many as you can using # for the most important. Picture this— you’ve just returned from a fam trip and you’re in the process of marketing that destination. How about creating a board for the destination then in the description of each pin include something like this: “#name of destination, is great for #activity enjoyed. I had a spectacular time! Tip: remember to #travel

Tip #4
Your blog is the perfect avenue to talk about what’s exciting on your Pinterest site and ask for comments and re-pins. Have you considered inserting some of your best photos into your next blog post, talking about Pinterest in that blog and then linking people to your Pinterest site? An awesome way to stimulate conversation all while maximizing credibility!

Tip #5
Try this…in your next e-blast announce your newest Pinterest board additions, provide links and ask people to comment and re-pin their favorites. Bonus tip: make sure that your links in your e-blast open in a different window so you don’t lose your blog reader.

When you put these techniques to work for yourself, imagine the potential for reaching and engaging your fans in a unique new fashion. Ignite and inspire your friends, fans and followers with these techniques!

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Catherine Heeg is a travel industry expert in social media, marketing and communication. With 3 decades of industry knowledge she speaks at industry conferences and trains professionals who want to catapult their business to new levels. Please see her blog for travel professionals.