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Top 5 Best Practices for Hosting ICs

By Rose A. Haché, Esq., CTIE, Attorney at Law Specializing in Travel Industry Law With more people entering the travel agency sector – and many of them as independent contractors (ICs) – the role of the host agency takes on an even more important role than in the past. In Five, Rose Hache, CTIE and member […]

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5 Facebook Measuring Tactics to Avoid

Don’t waste your precious time measuring things that don’t really matter! Our days are busy enough without having to check meaningless metrics that don’t give you a clear picture of your social success. Here are 5 things you can skip and where to shift your focus: 1. Skip looking solely at the number of fans. […]

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Five Must-Ask Questions for Clients Traveling to Italy

By: Andrea Grisdale, IC Bellagio As experienced travel professionals know, every journey begins with a conversation. The more you know about your clients, the better the chance you can exceed their expectations. Why squeeze clients into an off-the-rack solution, when you can tailor-make an itinerary to fit all their curves and edges? This is especially […]

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5 Quick SEO Fixes for Your Blog

Want more leads? B2B marketers who use blogs get 67% more leads than those who do not. (source) Let’s talk about how to make sure your blog reaches as many eyeballs as possible and gains you more SEO. And more leads. #1 – Focus on Photos Blog articles with images get 94% more views. (source) As a […]

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Five Time Zappers to Avoid During Your Day

With best intentions, you begin your day energetically. Suddenly, the day is over. You feel you haven’t accomplished anything, and you are exhausted. What happened? Here are five time zappers that you may need to manage: 1. Email Responding every time you hear the alert eats time and focus. Schedule times in your day to read […]

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Five Ways to Build Your Own Brand

Differentiating yourself from the competition is vital in a marketplace where there are many choices. What does it take to pull you out ahead of the pack? 1. Analyze your clients’ needs. Determine what it takes to meet those needs. Write down them down, and articulate them to yourself and to your staff. Post constant […]

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5 Basic Steps for Filtering Information

There is so much sales, marketing, social media and educational information offered in the trade that it is almost impossible to read it all let alone understand it well enough to implement it in a timely fashion. The art of filtering information requires a system. Here’s how, in 5 basic steps, you can sift, sort […]

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Five Ways to Have Top Performing Group Leaders

Many agents complain when their group leaders let them down. I have big news for you. Group leaders don’t hold you up (so they can’t let you down). The agent is 100% responsible for their performance! 1. AGREE ON A SINGULAR MISSION STATEMENT. It is terribly important that you both agree on a singular mission […]

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A Much Bigger Reason to Choose Specializing

The topic of specialization is one that comes up almost daily at GIFTE headquarters as we interact with business owners making a living selling travel. Choosing the path of specialization is the choosing the path of a successful, sustainable travel business.  It’s where the demand is. Your prospects are craving travel expertise and opinions. Just look at […]

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