Niche Market Specialist

love-romantic-bath-candlelightMore and more people today are traveling to explore their passions or to experience something more than a sightseeing tour or a day on the beach. With so many options available, many counselors choose to specialize in a type of travel that they either enjoy or are passionate about.

Courses include action plans to grow your business.

Our Niche Market Specialist programs encompass some of the most popular types of travel, and can help you sell the kind of travel you like, or that is in demand from your clients.

Our courses focus on the niche itself, the kinds of travelers attracted to that type of travel, many of the destinations that cater to those travelers, and action plans for you to start marketing your growing specialty travel business.

We have study materials and testing in your choice of format.

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Successful completion of any of these courses qualifies for 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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If, after taking one of our Niche Specialist courses, you have made this specialty an important part of what you sell on a daily basis, we encourage you step-up to the Certified Specialist level.