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Travel CareerYou’re looking for a proven resource to meet your travel career and educational needs. So where do you go? The Travel Institute.

We’ve been developing all types of travel career training since 1968 – new-to-the-industry, destination, niche and lifestyle, management, and leadership. Most important, the training is relevant, on-demand, and not just the same old stuff. Ask a successful travel agent or manager for advice and they’re likely to say “training” and “experience” are musts. That’s probably what your clients want too … a travel agent who puts training and experience as top priorities.


The travel industry is one of the most exciting and dynamic industries in the world – in fact, it is the largest industry in the world.

Develop a travel career path!

Step #1 – Attend a FREE “Getting Started” webinar and gain fundamental knowledge of the industry with TRIPKit.

Step #2 – Remain informed with ongoing instructor led training, industry events, destination and supplier training, and industry publications.

Step #3 – Analyze your strengths, and determine your niche or destination specialty.

Step #4 – Create your business plan and understand travel agency finances

Step #5 – Consider affiliation with a Host Agency to increase commission, gain knowledge, and offload administrative tasks.

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PattySQHi I’m Patty Noonan, CTC, your career coach!  During my “Getting Started” webinars, I will devote time to answering your “what next” questions.

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At Cadence, we believe that while travel careers are stemmed from a passion for travel, relevancy and education are the passport to success. We [recommend that] our “new to the industry” travel advisors complete The Travel Institutes Trip Kit with the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) exam. This enables them to immediately be relevant in our travel organization and gives us the ability to further customize their business strategy on an individual level.

-Wendy Burk, CEO, CTA
A branch of Tzell Travel Group


Maryellen Yeager

The Travel Institute has been so instrumental in my travel career, I cannot thank you all enough for all that you do.

-Maryellen Yeager, CTC, Independent Contractor, OASIS/Palm Coast Travel, Owner, Plane to Sea Travel, and OSSN Chapter Director RI/South Central MA