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Connecting and Communicating

This month, we have been focusing on making connections among family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Building (or sometimes rebuilding) relationships depends greatly on effective communication. As the travel industry becomes increasingly technological, it is imperative that travel agents know how to establish trusting relationships with their clients. Such relationship-building leads to increased customer loyalty and […]

5 Visual Marketing Tips to Conquer Social Shares

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What makes something socially shareable? What have YOU shared lately on your social feeds? What have your fans shared lately? Inspiring your fans and their friends to share your photos and graphics is key to reaching a broader audience. Once your fans share, their friends share and their friends’ friends share your post you have […]

Your Gratitude Attitude

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Your Gratitude Attitude In life, forging strong personal ties is vital to happiness. The same goes for success in our professional lives. And this is especially true for travel professionals because the travel business is a service-oriented profession. So it is important to build close ties with clients, and this, in turn, will build loyalty […]

Is “Accountability” a 4-Letter Word?

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Some people think so. They envision a micro-managing, fire-breathing boss watching over their shoulder, waiting for them to make a mistake.  Then boom! Here come the consequences.  But accountability can be a powerful tool to catapult you into a higher sphere of accomplishment!  To whom are we accountable in our jobs? Supervisors Clients Colleagues Employees  […]