5 Fun Foto Fixes

Picture this… a client calls to say she just saw your photos on your social feed and wants to book a vacation with you.

Picture this… a potential new client found your blog and was intrigued by the photos in your video slideshow.

Has this happened to you? If you’re shouting YES, that’s awesome. Don’t bother reading any further.

If these scenarios don’t happen often enough to you, here are some tips to make sure your photos jump out at fans and motivate them to book with you.

  1. Add text to your images.
    • Create a cool quote
    • Design an image with your contact info as a subtle reminder to connect
    • Get funky with your cover images
    • Here are some of my favs.
  2. Design a video slideshow using your still images. Here’s how.
  3. Add photo captions in your blog.
    • Research shows that when people read an article, they look first at the photos, then the captions beneath those photos. Only then do they read the main body of the article.
    • Remember to add alt-text to your photos to increase your SEO capacity
  4. Crop and resize your images to maximize their impact
    • Test them on your mobile and desktop to ensure success.
  5. Use filters and editing tools to enhance your images. Here are some of my favorite graphic & video tools.

Why is this so important?

The world of social marketing changes as viewers seek out the next new bite-sized chunks of excitement. In an effort to earn more eyeballs and engagement, mix things up!   Offer your fans and viewers great new visual content that will keep them yearning for more and wanting to do business with you.

Getting creative with the images you post is easy with the right tools and only a wee bit of extra time. Make your images POP!

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Written by Catherine Heeg, international speaker and trainer, focuses on social media marketing & communication for the travel and tourism industry.

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