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Is “Accountability” a 4-Letter Word?

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Some people think so. They envision a micro-managing, fire-breathing boss watching over their shoulder, waiting for them to make a mistake.  Then boom! Here come the consequences.  But accountability can be a powerful tool to catapult you into a higher sphere of accomplishment!  To whom are we accountable in our jobs? Supervisors Clients Colleagues Employees  […]

5 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Travel Agency Website (and How to Fix Them)

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If you’re a home-based travel agent, your website is your most important marketing vehicle. Without a good website, you won’t get found by your dream clients! And in today’s digital age, a solid website is a must even if you work out of a storefront. How do you know if your website’s up to par, […]

Handling Incoming Leads: Part 1

A mistake I see agents make all the time is the way they respond to incoming business leads. Whether they arrive via email, snail mail, the telephone or pony express, there seems to be a lack of urgency when dealing with these potential opportunities. In my next two missives, I will attempt to help you […]

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Make a Plan

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Last week, you listed several goals for the upcoming year, along with specific actions for attaining them. Now it’s time to build a business plan that incorporates your short- and long-term goals. Having a plan will help you avoid common pitfalls, like spending too much money and time pursuing revenues not consistent with your goals […]