Are your clients clamoring to know exactly what their next vacation will look like?

Do you get a ton of questions about upcoming tour experiences, activities and culinary creations?

What if you had a way to showcase these experiences for your clients and potential clients?

Live streaming video gives you that star power! 

The power of live streaming video is right in your back pocket (or purse)! Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter Live, Snapchat Live and Instagram Live are enthralling your clients.

The beauty is that it’s as easy as pressing the ‘Go Live’ button on your mobile. Here’s 5 tips to help you plan your next live stream success story.

Tip #1 – Plan

Test your lighting, camera position and sound in advance. I like to use a tri-pod and an external mik. More tips here.

Tip #2 — Reiterate

Once you go live remember people will be joining in at random, so reiterate your topic and re-introduce yourself and any guests

Tip #3 – Questions?

State the questions you see popping up on the screen before you answer them.

Tip #4 – Shout out!

Give shout-outs within reason. Don’t go nuts and mention everyone who’s joining in.

Tip #4 — Value

Add value in the form of you awesome expertise. Feel free to also offer a downloadable tip sheet or checklist as the icing on the cake. Don’t be afraid to suggest that people check out your website or other social feeds to build stronger relationships. 

Tip #5 – Fun!

Last but not least….as always Have fun! If you’re going live from a destination or experience give people a chance to explore with you by walking around, interviewing and providing the insider view. 

With this awesome live video saved to your camera roll, what else can you do with it?

Now that you can harness the power of video to bring travel experiences to your clients, answer their questions in real time and show them (not just tell them) what their trip will look like, how will use this power? Please rate this tip!










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