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Diane Petras, CTIE

Diane Petras, CTIE
president of The Travel Institute

“I think I want to be a travel agent.”

Because we educate so many new travel agents each year, we hear this a lot!  Whether they come to us from colleges teaching our curriculum or from another industry and are seeking a new career path, potential new agents know there is much to learn about our vibrant industry and the role of the travel professional.

First, they should understand the industry is constantly changing. This includes technology, suppliers, traveler issues and destination information, but also terminology…even the term “travel agent.”  Over the years, as commissions fluctuated and service fees were introduced, the need to add value to the travel-planning process evolved. Today we are much more than travel agents. We are counselors, consultants, advisors, designers, curators and specialists. These terms better convey the true value of a travel professional and the reality that continued learning is key to long-term success.

Also, to become a professional, it takes more than a love for travel. Having a passion for helping people see the world is a great place to start, but there are other important considerations. You need a baseline understanding of the industry as it relates to travel products and booking processes, geography, technology, marketing and specialization. Starting out, you also need to know how to find employment at an agency or structure a home-based business. And of course, knowing how to make money is a must.

How do you figure it out? Easy! The Travel Institute is dedicating the month of October to you and thousands of others looking to join this growing profession and begin your TRIP of a lifetime! We have a wealth of information to train new agents, including real-world advice from industry experts and, for a limited time, tuition assistance on our TRIPKit introductory training program—the gold standard in new agent training.

Cheers to your TRIP of a lifetime,

I want to be a travel Agent

The Personality of a Travel Pro: Is it Yours?

Hopefully, these traits resonate well with you. Perhaps you need to strengthen a few to guarantee success, but now you know what it takes!  

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