You Want to Sell Luxury But Where Are the Clients? 

Here it is! The NEW 4th edition of our Luxury Travel Specialist Course! 

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Luxury is one of the hottest trends in the industry today. While you are learning the ropes, you will want to know how to reach prospective clients. 

Here are just a few tips from our Luxury Travel Specialist course insiders. 

From Chris Austin, Chief Sales Officer for the luxury cruise line Explora Journeys:

Who are the perfect clients for a luxury cruise product? 
Knowing the mindsets, values, and hearts’ desires of today’s luxury travelers is the first step in travel advisors building great trust and loyalty with clients, followed closely by seeking knowledge about what makes each travel provider unique. 
With extensive research across global markets, we at Explora Journeys have identified four key target guest profiles

    • First, we have the new-to-cruise couple, typically GenX and older Millennials, who deeply love travel but have previously sought out land-based holidays. 
    • Then, we have the classic cruise lovers, who tend to be slightly older, often in the Baby Boomer set. They are extremely active, curious, and dynamic. 
    • Next, we have multigenerational families—ranging from children and teenagers to grandparents—as another key global target for us. These are people for whom time spent together discovering new experiences and celebrating beloved ones is interwoven into their family history and culture. 
    • Our fourth target guest category is affluent, like-minded friends who travel together—they tend to be educated, hardworking, and deeply committed to spending their free time enjoying shared passions. And while diversity is incredibly important for all of our targets, perhaps in this group, it’s most important.
    • In my view, there is a fifth category of particular importance for travel advisors, and that are the aspirational travelers. Not everyone is day-to-day affluent, but they do celebrate anniversaries, big birthdays, or simply trip-of-a-lifetime goals. We enthusiastically encourage travel advisors to never, ever turn their back on the potential of aspirational travelers. People you might not target as regular luxury travelers mention that they have an anniversary…or you  proactively ask them when it is…and encourage them that now is the time to start planning. The result? You end up playing a huge role in their lives because you can help them achieve their dreams. It can be quite moving. 

From Anne M. Smith, CTIE, Owner, Designer, & Educator for Travel & Events Extraordinaire LLC:

What do you do to attract affluent clients?
If advisors want to transition to include more affluent clients in their book of business, it is best to understand that affluence and luxury mean different things to different people, so qualifying your clients accurately is crucial. (Hint: Think Golf, Scuba Diving, Tennis, Arts/Music/Culture, Eclectic Food, Active 55+ and learning opportunities and skills, like Wildlife Photography, etc.) This is where the right qualifying questions can help guide you in the right direction with each prospective client.

Additionally, positioning oneself to learn as much as possible about the higher-end suites and cabins in affluent resorts/hotels and cruise lines is a must for those looking to sell to this demographic. 
The hardest “get” is your first affluent clients. If you do everything in your power and might to wow them, they will become your Pied Pipers and will lead you to their friends, family, and other affluent people in their circle.
Thank you Chris and Anne! For the rest of their interviews and tips, enroll today in the Luxury Travel Specialist Course.

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