5 Quick SEO Fixes for Your Blog

Want more leads?

B2B marketers who use blogs get 67% more leads than those who do not. (source)

Let’s talk about how to make sure your blog reaches as many eyeballs as possible and gains you more SEO. And more leads.

#1 – Focus on Photos

Blog articles with images get 94% more views. (source)

As a travel expert you have a wealth of knowledge that you can easily tap into for some amazing blog posts.  Right at your fingertips you have photos and probably even video that you can incorporate into your story telling.

Include a description of each photo by changing the photo name from “IMG1234” to a highly descriptive name relevant to your article. When you optimize your images with alt-text in this fashion you’ll raise your SEO.

#2 – Captions

You know how it is when you read an article, you read the headline, then look at the photos and captions. Search engines work in a similar fashion. Ensure your captions capitalize on your key words.

#3 – Excerpt

Most blog platforms have an opportunity for you to write your own excerpt or meta description. This is what shows up just after your title in a search. Including key words is key.   If your blog platform doesn’t allow for a unique excerpt, the search engines will automatically pull the first sentence.

#4 – Headings and Sub Headings

Within your blog headings and sub headings not only make it more readable, they also provide the search engines with other key word content to crawl.

Bonus tip: How about creating a heading at the end of your article called “Related Articles”. Hyperlink to other articles you’ve written. This style of internal linking will help search engines see the relevancy of your article.

#5 – Key Words are Key

Galvanize your SEO focus by using ad word tools such as Google Key Word Planner when composing your title and the excerpt.

Keyword Spy and Social Mention also provide insight into key words for your audience. These free tools will enable you to understand your audience search methods by showing you examples from suppliers, competitors or your own website.

For other key word tools and ways to measure audience sentiment, here’s a brief presentation from a recent industry function.

Did you know: There are 3 key places to include your keywords: title, headers and body, URL.

Bonus tip: Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly. Having a responsive website that includes your blog will earn you more SEO power.

Search engines LOVE new, unique content.  The more often you create a new SEO friendly blog post your website ranking will build.  Striving for a regular blog schedule that’s attainable is key.

How often do you write a blog post?

Which of these SEO tips will you use first?


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