A Cloud With A Silver Lining For UK Tourism?


Brexit – A Cloud With A Silver Lining

While clever people way above my pay grade work out the far reaching implications of the ‘earthquake’ caused by the Brexit victory, as far as our hotels, castles, stately homes, gardens, cathedrals, pubs and tea rooms are concerned, the signs are out everywhere to confirm that it’s very much Business As Usual.

On Thursday, June 23, the USD exchange rate was around $1.47.  At the time of writing, it has moved in your favour to $1.36 with pundits predicting that it will stay below $1.40 for much of 2016.

This is where the silver lining comes in as enterprising travel agents target their anglophile customers and encourage them to head for the UK this summer.  If enough of you get behind the idea, you’ll play an important role in giving our industry a valuable shot in the arm as we in turn give your clients a truly memorable travel experience.

To add bubble, fizz and pleasant surprises to their trip and to make their dollars go even further, encourage them to spend less time in London and more time in the countryside where the prices better and where they’ll find we’re celebrating:

And don’t forget that Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle) is open until September 7th and the golden age of steam is very much alive with the return of the Flying Scotsman.

As the UK extricates itself from the European Union DO NOT lose sight of the fact that:

  • all the places your clients want to see are open and ready to give your customers a truly memorable visit
  • the exchange rate is firmly in your favour which means that the UK and Ireland are destinations where you can continue to make very good profits

Paull Tickner has been customizing UK tours for over 35 years and if you need help in putting these showcase items into a well-constructed and sensibly priced itinerary, email him at  For more bright ideas, check out his website at