Certification Test Request Form

For CTA®, CTC® or CTIE® Candidates

Tests can be taken either in our online format (preferred) or as a traditional paper/pencil format. Online tests must be requested at least three business days in advance. Paper/pencil tests must be requested at least three weeks in advance to account for the delivery of the testing materials.

All tests with The Travel Institute are proctored exams. The Travel Institute is proud to offer the opportunity for professional, remote proctoring with our partner ProctorFree. NOTE: This is available ONLY if you opt to take the online exam; it is not available if you choose the paper format. To use this optional service, there is a testing service fee of $25. You can pay this service fee by clicking: TESTING SERVICE FEE. When finished with your purchase, make note of the order number and enter it in the requested box in the form below.

If you choose your own proctor, the minimum requirements are that they a) be over 21, b) are not related to the candidate, and c) are not preparing to take the same test they have been asked to proctor.

NOTE: Online tests should be requested AT LEAST three (3) business days before the testing date. Traditional Paper/Pencil tests should be requested AT LEAST three (3) weeks before the testing date.
Typing your name above will serve as your approval to the statement above.

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