TRIPKITs and individual textbooks are not currently experiencing shipping delays.

Print versions of CTA, Destination and Niche Market Specialization courses are shipped out once a week.


We are relaxing our testing protocol to allow for virtual proctoring. To take a test with your proctor, both you and your proctor need to have access to an online screen sharing platform such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or similar. At the designated date and time, you will both log into that screen sharing platform, and you will share your screen with your proctor. You and the proctor will read the instructions on how to access the test online. As you continue to share your screen, you will access and take the test accordingly.

Test requests are being processed without delays.


If you are a CTA®, CTC®, or CTIE® that wants to connect to the certified graduate search directory, you can obtain help here, or email


There will be tuition assistance available on The Travel Institute’s Introductory training course (TRIPKIT) until May 31, 2020.

Tuition assistance is also available on the Destination Specialist North America course through June 15, 2020. Use code NAMAY20 at checkout for access to the online course.


The following online educational programs are available on a complimentary basis.