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Are you a host or brick-and-mortar agency, supplier or consortium looking to enhance your training program, but don’t have the time to develop content, or the money to invest in learning management tools? Could you benefit from some cost-effective expertise in this area? Let us help you!


Collaborating with The Travel Institute is an efficient, cost-effective way to deliver best-in-class education for your team. 

Leverage our proven educational expertise and  industry recognized content to create education and training that best supports your organization’s specific needs. 

Travel Specific Content

Over 58 years of travel knowledge brought together and delivered by the best in the industry.  

No one does it better! 

Curriculum Development

Developing curriculum is what we do everyday! 

Save your time and money and let the experts help you develop the content.  

Online Content Design

Ensuring the best student experience is our priority! 

Our online courses are designed for maximum student engagement and retention.

Learning Management Platform

Benefit from our state-of-the-art LMS! 

Don't waste your time learning yet another tool, create content, design content, manage seats and maintain a system! 

The Experience:


From  off-the-shelf plug-and-play, to customized content and creative training options, we partner with you  to deliver turnkey solutions for the highest level educational experience.

New Agent Training

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$ 69 per seat
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Enterprise Access

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What to learn more?  Start today with a no-pressure, no-commitment conversation with our team of experts to discover your possibilities in developing your Training Itinerary!

“We certainly save time and money over trying to keep a program up-to-date on our own but what really excites us is working with The Travel Institute—an education-based organization—to utilize a program developed and managed by education professionals. Why would I do it any other way?”

Rhonda Stanley, CTC


“It’s an opportunity to further take advantage of industry-leading content and customize it for our independent host model. We take key concepts and make them our own. Consider team building—our independent contractors may not sit with a team each day but they still need team-building to create a support network.” 

Marie Smith, CTA, VTA


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