The Five Biggest Branding Flubs

By Stuart L. Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer

A brand-less business has a hollow foundation and zero personality. I believe branding is misunderstood and overcomplicated. Too many agents make too many flubs and scare off clients and prospects. Simply put, it is about telling a good story everyday, everywhere. People want to be a part of our story!

Here I reveal five of the top twenty biggest branding flubs.

Flub 1: They believe branding is complex and just too expensive. Making new sales is an exhausting, never-ending battle for agents who make these incorrect assumptions. We don’t need to hire experts or spend a nickel more on good, consistent storytelling. We (as individuals, not as businesses) are the walking, talking brand campaign. Successful branding costs little else but awareness and effort. How to brand better: Avoid this branding flub by embracing the simple success formula of awareness plus effort.

Flub 2: They fail to realize people are listening to our every word. People are hanging on our every word and making judgments. This is one crucial way we tell our story, through words and inflections. Even our voice mail messages are part of our branding campaign! Clients and prospects get a quick sense of our passion (or lack thereof) by hearing us. Clients can tell if we are confident and eager to help. How to brand better: Avoid this branding flub by becoming more aware of what we say and how we say it.

Flub 3: They confuse people by wearing costumes. Clients and prospects expect we will look the same the next time they see us. If we fail to meet this expectation, we fail at telling a believable story. Our message is mixed. Our branding image gets blurred. I believe it is best for us to always be authentic (so no costume is every necessary) and to be consistent (so we appear the same everywhere). How to brand better: Avoid this branding flub by simply being ourselves and telling the same story always.

Flub 4: They stay invisible. A smiling face makes a powerful brand statement. Many of us do business with clients and prospects who live far away. They may never meet us but always wonder what we look like. I say, show them a beautiful smile! Pictures do say a thousand words. In fact, our wonderful photo is more important than our fancy logo. How to brand better: Avoid this branding flub by proudly including a photo to help complete the picture.

Flub 5: They don’t think branding matters. Have you heard the popular saying “attitude is everything?” I believe branding is the very attitude of our business. Therefore, branding is everything! How to brand better: Avoid this branding flub by making storytelling a matter of terrific importance!

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