Five Elements of a Wellness Travel Package

By Tammy Levent

Travel agents sell travel packages. Savvy travel agents create travel packages and one trendy travel package you can create is a wellness travel package. The question is what should you include in a wellness travel package?

1. Lodging. You can’t just pick any hotel, it has to be one that is wellness friendly and top quality. Clients looking to spend money on wellness packages are typically the ones who want the five star resorts with the VIP treatment. You’ll need deluxe suites, friendly staff, a gorgeous property, and the works!

2. Food and Drinks. If you can, try to include at least one meal every day in the price of your package. Work with the hotel to design a delicious menu at their on-site restaurant or if they don’t have one speak to local vendors about bringing in a group for a special dining experience. Go for meal options that speak to your theme of the week with gourmet dishes that are made with the freshest ingredients.

3. Entertainment. When people buy a travel package they expect some free time, but they also expect that you have included activities in the price. You could set up a tour in the area of the hotel or a short drive away, you could include a cooking class of some kind or you could take the group to a show at a theater nearby.

4. Spa Treatments. Wellness goes hand in hand with spa treatments because wellness is about rejuvenating mind, body and spirit. Work with the spa at the hotel to create a menu of services available that are included with the package price. Speaking of which, if the hotel you are staying at doesn’t have an on-site spa you might want to choose a different property for your package.

5. Exercise Options. Finally, exercise options should also be included in your package. However, they should not be mandatory. For example, you could include a yoga class in place of one of the spa treatments. There should also be beautifully landscaped walkways for walking and jogging, large pools for swimming and a hot tub for relaxing after the work out has concluded.

Put these elements together, total up the cost and add a healthy percentage on top so you can actually make a profit from your efforts. Try to include things that are not easily booked as an individual as well. The goal is to make this entire package a unique experience that an individual would not set out to try and create on their own. If you’re lucky, the vendors that you work with for this package will also give you an agent discount for every person you bring along thereby increasing your profits even more!

If you would like an example of a wellness package I’ve designed for my Elite Travel clients, visit my website.