Five Pinterest Tips to Market Your Travel Specialty

Are you a Wedding & Romance specialist? A Culinary tourism guru? Or an Adventure specialist?

Marketing to your niche market on Pinterest opens a whole new world of possibilities. Let’s look at five ways to use Pinterest as a travel specialist.

1. Specialty Boards. Create unique boards that speak to your niche market and offer ideas and advice…not just travel information.

* Wedding specialists. Think about providing resources to newly engaged planners. Imagine boards filled with wedding invitation options, gifts for out of town guests, wedding favors, and flower arrangements. When planning your boards consider all the aspects of wedding, honeymoon and travel prep your bride-to-be clients will need to know to enjoy wedded bliss.

* Adventure travelers will love the fact that you’ve created boards about activities like zip-lining, skiing, hiking and extreme sports.

* Culinary tour specialists can include information on foodie destinations, wineries, and new recipes from hot chefs.

* Cruise specialists. How about setting up boards for each ship you sell? How about creating boards about food, activities or shore excursions and repinning photos from your previous ship-themed boards. This will help you showcase cruising by ship as well as by interest.

2. Place Pins. Imagine being able to visually show the layout of a city and your recommendations for a client’s sightseeing. Place Pins elevate your Pin to a new level by including a map and relevant pins with descriptions. More on Place Pin strategy here.

* Focus on itineraries that foodies may want to follow in your top destinations by creating Place Pins of your favorite restaurants and markets. Culinary tourism specialists can also include related boards with Place Pins featuring gourmet shops, wineries, craft breweries or top-rated restaurants.

* Destination specialists can accelerate followers’ knowledge by using Place Pins to highlight sights, restaurants and shops in each locale. For example, are you an Italy specialist? Think about using Place Pins to pin your top restaurant choices in Rome, Florence and Assisi. Then create more impact with a selection of your favorite shops and another collection for not-to-miss sites. More info here.

* Are you a golf specialist? Here’s an example of how to use Pinterest to showcase golf courses in a particular city. Click here and scroll to #6 for a real-life Place Pin example.

3. Message Followers. Using the Message option you can now send messages, boards and pins to specific followers. How cool to be able to set up a board about a destination you’ve just talked about with a client and then send it directly to them. Here’s how

* Culinary tour specialists can include information on new foodie destinations, new wineries, recipes from hot chefs.

* Family travel specialists could outline an itinerary of family-friendly attractions, restaurants and parks.

* Click here to see how it’s done.

4. Video & Photos. Videos are easy to upload to Pinterest and add interest and personality to your boards.

* Honeymoon specialists can leverage beach photos by adding text that suggests a beach or cruise wedding.

* Add your own short video providing destination or cruise tips. You’ll be a hit as a destination specialist and video personality.

* Cruise Specialists can include their own photos along with supplier photos they’ve repinned. Consider creating long pins on PicMonkey or Canva (at least 736 x 1102)

Here’s more information on tools and tips to enhance your photos. And more tools to create and analyze.

5. NEW! Buyable Pins. Pinterest is in the process of rolling out ‘Buyable Pins’ and now offers this service to bigger brands. Pinterest users can buy products direct from Pinterest when using iPad or iPhone products.

* Think of the possibilities if/when this rolls out to smaller companies. As a destination specialist you could sell tours direct from Pinterest along with accessories that you offer.

Have fun creating Pinterest-ing boards, videos and messages that focus on your specialty and niche market. When you strategize your approach to Pinterest, I’ll bet you’ll be doing more than ‘picturing’ the extra revenue…you’ll be busy growing your business.


Catherine Heeg, international speaker and trainer, focuses on social media marketing & communication for the travel and tourism industry.

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