Five Tips From The Best In The Business

By Mike Marchev, CTC

The travel industry is no different from any other calling. There are some good practitioners. There are average players, and there is an abundance of amateurs. Then there are the ones who take their calling very seriously. They soon become the best in the business.

Here are five tips that can elevate you from amateur status to the best in the business.

1. Niche Selection. The best in any business decide what it is they do, and they don’t allow outside influences to dilute their efforts. Actors act. Singers sing. Pilots fly. Punters punt. Heart surgeons work on hearts. Message: Decide what it is you do and do it better than anybody else.

2. Unwavering Focus: The best in the business focus on their (1) objectives, their (2) current situation and on the (3) skills required to get the job done. Message: Let the client you are working with feel that they are the only person in your life.

3. Single Tasking: This is another way to remind you that multitasking is just another way of screwing up more than one thing at one time. I can hear a number of you taking my name in vein saying, “Mike, you don’t understand our business and the pressure we are under every single day.” I’m sorry. Don’t flatter yourself. As a potential client of yours, I have no sympathy for your to-do list. My vacation is the only thing that matters to me. If you are not going to give me your undivided attention then I will either find someone who will, or be forced to book my own vacation on the Internet. Message: Be keenly interested in the person in front of you.

4. Practice: Show me any competitor and I will show you a person who finds the time to practice their trade. They know there is room to get better. They acknowledge their current skill level and work to improve their overall value. Practice implies associated failure. The best in the business do not shy away from failure. Message: Fail more.

5. Celebration: Let’s take a lesson from our athletes. What happens when a goal is scored? What do grown men do when they score a touchdown? How does a team react when a baseball clears the fence? What does a golfer do after holing out from the bunker? What do basketball players do after a creative dunk? The answer is they celebrate in some way. The harder the outcome, the greater the celebration. Message: When your work pays off …. celebrate. Once you decide your strength and define your target market, you will be on your way. Introduce a disciplined focus. Refraining from juggling multiple projects. Practice every day. Be quick to acknowledge and applaud your hard work, and you will soon be considered among the elite in the travel industry.

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