Five Tips to Boost your Social Professionalism

Is your professional credibility at risk in your social presence? Part of building that credibility is focusing on how we look and the first impression we create. When going to a client meeting or hosting a consumer night we consider how we dress, what our hair and make-up looks like and what shoes to wear.

Your social persona is just as crucial as your in person impression.  It gives people their first glimpse of you or confirms their in person impression.

Are you missing out on opportunities to showcase your professionalism on your social sites?

Here are some slip-ups and their quick fixes:

Slip-up #1: Ignoring the option to add a customized message to a LinkedIn invitation.

The fix: When you want to connect with a client or potential client on LinkedIn add a customized message into your invitation. You’ll find a box where you can easily edit the standard invite. Go ahead and include a short sentence about where you met them or how you’ve come to know them. You may want to briefly list some professional reasons why they may want to accept your invite.

Pro tip: Set up a company page on LinkedIn and add Showcase pages that focus on each of your niche markets or specialties.

Slip-up #2: Missing the opportunity to put your best foot forward on your About and Bio sections of your social sites.

The fix: Showcase your expertise by listing your awards and certifications on your Facebook business page.

Pro tip: Set up a photo album or Pinterest board with photos of all your professional certifications and awards.

Slip-up #3: So many times people miss putting their social icons on their website or the link to that social site doesn’t work.

The fix: Your social professionalism is hard to miss when your social icons are prominently displayed on your website. Test the links. Then see how the placement looks when your site is displayed on mobile devices. Here are some examples for you.

Pro Tip:  Make sure your website is mobile responsive.

Slip-up #4: Social site handles/usernames that are personal in nature are great for personal use, but don’t make sense when used solely for business.

The fix: change the handles on your social sites to @your travel name or @Your name and agency or niche market. You’ll be more searchable.

Slip-up #5: Each social site features a different bio photo or logo

The fix: Your photo is recognizable and people need to see the same photo in all of your social sites. It’s so easy for them to know they’re working with the right person when the images are consistent.

The logo fix: Is your logo easy to read as a thumbnail? Consider the design, colors and font size of your logo as a thumbnail. You may want to stack it so that it fits the square sizing of most thumbnail images.

Each of these common slip-ups can be easily managed or adjusted with a little time and talent. Your professionalism and image is at stake. Conquer these slip-ups and leverage your consistent, professional image.

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