Five Tips to Demystify Blogging

Does your client list need a boost? Do you want more social fans and followers?

Here’s a stat that may surprise you: 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a new client!

I know you’re going to say you’re busy and don’t have time to be a part of this blogging trend. I’m not going to tell you it will be easy, but I will say it can be a worthwhile strategy to grow your owned assets.

1. How do I start?

Best practices when choosing your blog platform include ensuring that your blog lives on your website. The goal is to have a button or tab on your website directly connecting readers to your blog.

Having your blog live on your website will increase your SEO and give readers a continuous and seamless connection to you and your brand.

Popular blog platforms include:

  • WordPress–WordPress has two options: a freemium hosted service that provides domains — e.g. and includes limited customization. The completely free .org version which allows you to host WordPress on your own servers. With this selection you’re able to have the blog live on your own website. You’ll find this version here  I like using WordPress as the dashboard has the look and feel of a word document.
  •  This platform is part of the Google family and requires a Gmail/Google account to get started.
  •   Owned by Yahoo and more of a social network and place for curation.

Tip: Check with your host or consortia regarding their blogging platforms that may be available for use on your website. Do you need more tools to get started? Check out these key foundations of blogging.

2. What do I write about?

Do you find that you sit at your computer and hover over the keys waiting for an idea to surface? There’s an easier way. Each time you listen to a webinar, attend an industry function or take part in a fam or ship inspection:

1. Jot down a couple of key points
2. Snap lots of photos
3. Interview the event organizer or your BDM
4. Take several short videos

Armed with these resources a blog post is begging to be written. You’ll have a nearly instant blog when you combine great photos, quotes from an interview and your own key observations and opinions. Voila! A blog will appear before your eyes.

Tip: Keep an ongoing list of topics or destinations you’d like to write about. This way you’ll always have ideas to fall back on. Here are 25 content ideas.

3. How much time will this take?

I find a blog takes as much time as I allocate to it! I’m not kidding, if I tell myself that I have 40 minutes to write a post, it takes me 35 to write and 5 to edit. If I’m on the plane and it’s a 4 hour flight, sometimes it takes me 2 hours.

Most of my time is spent organizing my thoughts, sorting thru research materials and pulling together my outline.

Tip: As a travel pro your photos and interviews will most likely drive your outline.

4. How often do I need to post?

Search engines LOVE new, unique content. The more often you create a new blog post your website ranking will build. Striving for a regular blog schedule that’s attainable is key.

For some that means a weekly blog post, for others it might be daily. Find a schedule that works for you and your audience.

Tip: if you don’t like to write, here are tips for non-writers or time-starved writers.

5. How long should a blog post be?

Many popular blogs are 400-1200 words. That’s a huge range, so consider the content, the attention span of your reader and how many photos you’ve included.

Having sub-headings, photos, videos and quotes will increase the ‘white space’ in your post and make it more readable and easier to digest.

Tip: once your blog post is published, make sure to let your social fans know about it. Here are tips to get more eyeballs onto each post.