Five Tips to ROCK your Next Facebook Marketing Campaign

What are you doing to give your Facebook a jolt of new energy?

Are you posting:

  1. Your own blog posts
  2. Video produced by you
  3. Great images
  4. Helpful tips

Whichever type of content you’re posting you can easily take it to the next level with these caffeinated tips to reach and engage your clients and rock their next vacation.

Let’s bring on the buzz with these tactics. We’ll start with novice level tactics and move to more advanced:

  1. Changing your cover image is a really easy tactic that will instantly draw more attention to your campaign. Select or create an image that showcases the destination, ship or activity that’s the focus of your campaign. Here’s how to change your cover image. Here’s a sizing cheat sheet.
  2. Create a Facebook group. Create a new Facebook group for fans that are interested in the destination or ship you’re promoting in this campaign. Use the group to inspire conversations among members and to provide additional relevant content. Here’s how to set up a Facebook Group.
  3. Carousel ads feature up to 5 images that revolve as they are shown on Facebook. Imagine creating an ad showcasing a number of destination photos with links to your website. Here’s some examples and size recommendations
  4. Lead ads provide a questionnaire form within Facebook. What a cool, new way to grow your mailing list with interested, potential clients.
  5. Video ads have been shown to reach a broader audience and garner more interaction.
    • Tip: When creating a video ad be sure to add 1 of the call to action buttons available The cool thing about video ads is that Facebook will create a new audience of people who viewed this video. You can then use this information in your next targeted marketing campaign. Learn more about video ads here.

Facebook is the standard social medium we all turn to when marketing in travel. Let’s boost engagement with a jolt of new energy. Which will you try next?

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