Five Ways to Get your Agency in the Media

By Tammy Levent

There is nothing better than free advertising and one easy way to get free advertising is to get your travel agency mentioned in the media. We all know that you can’t just snap your fingers and expect instant media notice, but getting a media nod is not as complicated as you might think. Here are five simple ways to have your agency’s name mentioned in the media:

1. Host a party or event – Pretty much any event you host can almost guarantee a mention on a local media outlet’s calendar. For example, let’s say you want to host a summer splash party at a local hotel. This gives you a great excuse to tout your event to every local publication in your area. Bonus points if you charge an entry fee that goes to charity! Speaking of charities…

2. Offer some kind of travel package that benefits a charity – Media eats up charitable acts. Why? Because everyone enjoys jumping on a charitable bandwagon! The key here is to send out a press release to the media telling them about a charity you are supporting and how your local business plans to support them. Reach out to the charity to let them know you want to support them before you send the media release and you might just get the charity and your business on a news report of some kind.

3. Position yourself as an expert in your field – Believe it or not every single week, if not every single day, there is some kind of travel news being reported. From viruses running rampant on cruise ships to how to save money on travel, many news outlets need travel experts to put in their two cents about stories. If you see something trending in the media, reach out to your local outlets and state that you are ready, willing and able to discuss your thoughts on what’s going on. For example, if there is a virus crisis on planes you could send a quick email to a local reporter about how people can stay healthy in their travels. This simple act could get you on the news in a New York minute!

4. Win an award – Okay, so this is not exactly something you can just make happen, but it is something you can work towards. I have entered several travel award contests in the past several years and every time my agency won I not only was recognized in some form of media I was able to leverage it to garner more local attention because with every award comes a new press release that states something to the effect of “local agency wins award.” What awards are available that you might qualify for? Learn the entry requirements, and every time you win, send out a press release announcing it!

5. Write a book – These days anyone and everyone can have a book published. There is virtually no excuse to not have at least one book to your name. Can’t write? Get a ghostwriter! Can’t find a publisher? Self-publish via a platform like Amazon Kindle.

I look forward to seeing your agency mentioned in the media!