Five Ways To Get Your Emails Opened and Responded To

I am a seasoned practitioner and believer that “little things can, in fact, prove to be huge things.” I endorse the basics and try to avoid any grandiose plan or highfaluting creative demonstration. Keep it simple is my motto. It has always worked for me.

Getting people to open and respond to your emails can also be the result of a simple formula. Don’t outthink yourself. Just stick to the following five logical steps.

  1. Don’t Make Them Guess. Your email’s From Box needs to make it perfectly clear that this incoming email is arriving from a safe place… from you. Your Subject Box needs to offer a good reason for opening the email. When it comes to deleting or ignoring emails, these are the two areas that enter the picture instantly. Make these two boxes work in your favor.
  2. Remind Them Where You First Met. People are busy today and due to information overload have shorter memory spans. It makes sense to reintroduce yourself and remind the reader of when you came into play. Don’t flatter yourself. Chances are they have forgotten you the moment you disappeared from initial sight.
  3. Show Them Your Brand. The Energizer Bunny, The Golden Arches, a Red Bullseye and a picture of a simple apple come to mind when I think of brands. What do I think of when I hear your name? First, decide what you want that answer to be, and secondly, include that reminder in all your emails. Brands: Duracell; McDonalds; Target; Apple.
  4.   Offer Additional Resources. These can be considered as bonus materials. I may know you and I may like you, but what I really enjoy is the fact that you always come with additional ideas and samples of other ideas from other smart people. Links to additional resources in your emails will work in your favor when it comes to positioning yourself as the one in the know. 
  5. Reward The Reader. To illustrate this point I will remind you of how the simple act of consistent acknowledgement pays huge dividends. Not to belittle the subject, but don’t you get the attention of your pets when you reward them with a treat every time they perform a desired task? Sure you do. The same holds true with children and yes, even adults. The behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated.

Well if you want your clients and prospects to return again and again, then it makes nothing but good sense to include a little “treat” from you in each email indicating that you appreciate their behavior. These can come in the form of an attached article, a meaningful check list or just simple reminder of what is to come. Your creativity and personality will determine the limits of what is possible here.

In your emails give the reader a little bonus for spending some reading time with you. You can also reward them by keeping your message short, clear and by offering an additional link or two.

You don’t have to over-complicate this thing. Just think through your actions and responses when you turn to your Inbox. How do you decide to read or delete? What grabs your attention? What is it that you enjoy reading? Follow your own council.

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Mike Marchev, CTC, is a fun, down-to-earth business consultant and speaker. His primary focus is to introduce fun back into the selling process.  He is the president and founder of HEAD-1ST-SALES. Ask about his members only Inner Circle Sales & Marketing Club and his 2017 Kick-Off Business Cruise in January.