Five Ways to Weave Video into Your Social Marketing

What do 88% of internet users do? What keeps a web viewer captivated 88% more time? If you’re thinking video is the answer, you’re right!

You can easily create your own videos and include them in your social posts and your website. This powerful medium is well worth a bit of extra time because you’ll earn more social reach and engagement.

Did you know that marketers are getting a 135% increase in organic reach when they post a video on Facebook?

Many people feel that video is too hard and time consuming to create on their own and too expensive to have professionally produced. Here are some simple and powerful tools, tips and stats and tactics that will change your mind about video.

1. Create video of your still photos.

Using FlipAGram, Movie Maker, iMovie, Animoto or similar tools will turn your still photos into amazing video. You can easily add music, insert text banners and in some cases even a voice over.

What a cool way to showcase your expertise and entice your clients. Here’s a quick guide to using Animoto.

2. Video Interview your favorite BDM

On your next fam or at your next product launch connect with your BDM for a short, 1 question interview. Capture this interview on your phone video camera. How easy is that?

Afterward, simply use a tool like Movie Maker or iMovie to add a slide at the end with your contact information. Strategize the captions you choose to focus on the exciting video content.

3. Record a video series of your own top travel tips

I’ll bet you have a collection of valuable travel tips. How about creating 1 video for each travel tip. Easy! A 20-30 second video will serve as a practical guide for your clients and fans.

Next, let’s focus on creating a series of these travel tip videos. Once you have your list of tips compiled you can polish off a series in a short amount of time.

4. Create a video series showcasing a fam or ship inspection.

When is your next fam or site inspection? What a perfect time to capture some short 20-60 second videos. Imagine shooting a series of videos that focus on different aspects of your tour.

Capitalize on this by embedding each video into a blog post and upload the video to your You Tube channel. Other video tactics here.

5. Interview a client about their latest vacation that You planned.

Raving fans are a travel pros dream come true. Leverage those raves by creating video testimonials. Simply meet with your client and ask them 1 quick question about their trip and capture it on video. (Make sure you have their permission and have prepped them in advance) Your 30-50 second video (or series of videos) will captivate future clients.

The added bonus is that once you’ve edited and posted this video socially your clients will love sharing it to their friends.

Each of the videos you produce can be shared socially and on your website. You’ll get great exposure for your time and effort. More video marketing tips here.

Light up your social marketing by focusing on video.

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