Hot Tip Tuesday: August 9, 2016

Professionalism at Work

Be aware of how you are perceived by others.

The way you dress, speak, listen, write, interact with clients and coworkers—in fact, everything you do and don’t do in the workplace or industry events – help form your professional image. Make sure you are communicating an image of professionalism.

    TIP: When attending an industry event or a consumer event, dress appropriately in a business attire with appropriate accessories.

    TIP: Make appointments, and be on time.

    TIP: In a text message: GIVE ME A CALL WHEN U CAN [all capitals denotes shouting). Instead: Mary. This is June Davis from ABC Travel. Please call me at 561-555-1234. I have some answers to your inquiries.

Admit your weaknesses.

If you don’t know something or need help in a particular area, ask questions or request assistance. Pretending to know something you don’t or cutting corners when time is running short does not serve the interests of your clients or your agency. In short, it’s simply not professional.

     TIP: No customer ever said “I want you to make up an answer right now!” Instead say “Mr. Smith let me look into this for you and I will back in touch shortly with more in-depth information.”

Be a team player.

With the advent of home-based employment, virtual offices, and web conferencing, your teammates may be located anywhere in the world. But that does not mean you are isolated from them. It is as important as ever to remain connected with your colleagues and help them at every opportunity.

     TIP: Use video chat to feel a bit more connected (Be sure to dress accordingly.)

     TIP: If you are on a conference call, be sure to keep yourself on mute if you have any background noise.

     TIP: Take PRIDE and responsibility for your work. Don’t blame others for your mistakes.

Demonstrate initiative.

Professional people watch for opportunities to better service clients and to support coworkers. Be involved in the daily challenges of your workplace and seek appropriate solutions.

      TIP: Listen to webinars, read articles, blogs, newsletters, newspapers on destinations, products, trends, etc.

      TIP: Use your certification credentials to help you demonstrate your credibility. 

Have a positive attitude.

As difficult as it can sometimes be after a difficult call with an angry client, be optimistic and cheerful. When something goes wrong, put your personal feelings aside and project a positive, professional attitude.

      TIP: The good old “mirror-next-to-your-phone” trick – always does work!

Work hard.

If you enjoy what you do, going the extra mile toward greater levels of professionalism is not difficult. If you find yourself battling apathy or laziness, remember that being professional means being willing to put forth honest effort.

       TIP: Everyone needs to take a mental break. Be sure you schedule time for yourself to just disconnect.


This tip was taken form the “Professionalism at Work” core module of the CTA certification program. Learn more about other topics covered in the CTA program.

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