Leadership Training

Have you been recently promoted to a leadership role? 

Are you an executive who wants to refresh your skills?

Are you looking for leadership training for your team?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are a candidate for The Travel Institute’s Leadership Training Program.
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Join an informational webinar on March 16 at 1 pm ET.
Become a more effective leader in your organization by sharpening your leadership skills. Join Patty Noonan, CTC to learn about the exciting offered in the form of the CTIE.

Core Topics

Our leadership program focuses on these top 10 skill sets:

  1. Becoming an Excellent Leader: Change your leadership behavior by applying effective changes to your everyday routine
  2. Strategic Leadership: Understand the power of your Vision, Mission and Values and how it relates to your organizations growth
  3. Transformational Leadership: Understand resistance and guidance in times of change that will support the organization’s transformation
  4. Emotional Intelligence: Understand your own emotional intelligence IQ and how it affects your performance and that of your team
  5. Team Building: Identify roles and responsibilities in your team, and tap into everyone’s strengths to reach your goal
  6. Creativity: Learn how creative thinking can boost morale, resolve conflict, and improved productivity
  7. Negotiating: Develop the right mindset to enter a negotiation and prepare for contingencies
  8. Coaching Skills: Understand the power of praise and teaching statements and how to deliver those
  9. Disc Leading Styles: Identify your leading style through a self assessment and use it to increase team leadership, productivity and communication
  10. Coping with Change: Use the two change models to help you develop an action plan to managing the change effectively
David Vass, CTIEMy testing and preparation to receive the Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) serves as a heads up to my colleagues that they are dealing with a person who is experienced, ethical and knows what they do, with accomplishments to prove it. I urge my colleagues to certify to the level that best suits their current skills within the industry. I am quite proud of those four letters, worked hard for them, and they are noticed!David Vass, CTIE Senior Vice President,
Worldwide Cruise Business & Operations
Abercrombie & Kent Destination Management

Learning Environment

This program consists of a series of online videos delivered by experienced engaging educators who provide you with practical advice that can be used immediately. These courses are available anytime 24/7 in our unique online environment.

Each core topic is supplemented with additional reading, interactive exercises, and travel related management topics. At the end of each series you have a short quiz to ensure that you retained the information and can track your progress.


Once you enroll you have access to all courses for 12 months. This course is designed to be self-paced and self-study. You set your own pace and complete on your schedule.


$550 per individual, including access to all videos and supplemental reading. Group discounts available for 10 or more.

Once I complete this course, can I choose to earn my CTIE certification?
In order to move on to CTIE certification, you must notify The Travel Institute of your desire within 6 months of completing the management course, and meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a minimum 5 years travel industry experience
  • Pass CTIE exam
  • Complete a white paper
lEA“You may have heard that obtaining your industry certification from The Travel Institute will enhance your work life. For me that was truly the case. Upon obtaining my CTIE, I was able to increase my financial earnings considerably and put me in a position of being a better leader, mentor, and coach for the teams I serve.”Lea Diele, CTIE,
Senior Manager of Independent Contractor Program

Certification Programs

CTIE Certification:

From: $45.99 / month for 12 months and a $24.99 sign-up fee