Adam Lapsevich

Adam Lapsevich
President, SpoonDrawer® Media Group

Adam Lapsevich is President of SpoonDrawer Media Group, a boutique web design and development agency that specializes in travel industry websites and digital marketing.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Prior to founding SpoonDrawer® in 2005, Adam was in the cruise industry for 15 years. He spent 2 years as an entertainer on cruise ships and then was in outside sales, working for many years with Cunard and Seabourn Cruise Line. He’s visited over 60 countries and has sailed on over 200 cruises since 1991, which includes his years working on ships!

SpoonDrawer® was at the forefront of the social media explosion. In 2009, Adam launched “The Travel Agent Crash Course in Online Marketing,” a series of webinars that taught agents the basics of online and social media marketing. He speaks at travel events throughout the world on the subject of “Inbound Marketing” and the importance of what makes a good website work.

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