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Anne MacIntyre
Partner, On The Map Travel

Anne’s incurable wanderlust originated many generations back — with travel being her family’s main avocation. Anne and her family have sampled caviar in Russia, ridden elephants in India, snorkeled with sea lions in the Galapagos, taken tea in with a countess in France, camped in the Sahara in Morocco, climbed in the jungle canopy in Costa Rica and explored more than 80 domestic destinations. Always a curious traveler, Anne has escorted over 100 tours to all parts of the world – she claims Galapagos, India and Turkey are her favorite destinations, but she’s happy to go anywhere!

Anne’s travel writing has appeared in Travel and Leisure, Travel Holiday, Town and Country, Outdoor Photographer, Signature Endless Vacation, and the Los Angeles Times. She and her husband were co-owners of General Tours (now Alexander + Roberts) before she founded On The Map Travel in 2005.

Anne and her business partner, Audrey Kennedy, now provide concierge luxury travel services to a select group of clients from around the world. Anne’s own travel experiences and personal contacts give On The Map Travel clients insider access to secret places and exclusive experiences – whether they be iconic ‘must-see’ places or hidden ‘off the map’ treasures accessible to only a few lucky travelers.

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Anne MacIntyre
Phone: 314-726-0065

Website: On The Map Travel