Carol Parsons

13CarolCarol Parsons
Founder, Virtual Sales

From Global corporations to Niche cruise operators, Carol has held a variety of positions with as many titles in the Travel Industry for over 20 years.

According to Carol, regardless of the label, she has always been a Travel Educator & a Sales Coach- using her communication skills and natural enthusiasm for travel to facilitate the process of matching clients to vacation experiences and empowering other travel professionals to develop their skills increase their profitability.
As the Travel Industry has undergone many sweeping changes over the years, Carol’s talents & tenacity have prevailed & the advent of on-line meeting technology has enabled her to focus on the core of her interests and talents- educating travel professionals & motivating their customers to buy.

Carol recognizes that in the current marketplace, populated with informed buyers, education IS sales.

Since 2006 when she started her own company, Virtual Sales, Carol has reached travel sellers & consumers both domestically and across the globe and has presented a wide range of travel products & services. In addition to in-person presentation skills, she is known for her ability to engage and entertain an on-line audience and to inspire them to action.

Contact Info:
Carol Parsons
Virtual Sales
Phone: 315-256-0778