Carrie Finley-Bajak

Carrie Finley-Bajak

Carrie is a freelance journalist, app developer and one of the social media pioneers in travel. Carrie specializes in brand building, management and content marketing. An early evangelist of social media, Carrie has been helping individuals and businesses create and implement winning social marketing initiatives.

Carrie is the author of Social Media + Travel, a guide for leveraging all things digital. As a freelance journalist, Carrie writes about social media and technology for Travel Weekly,

Carrie has over twenty years experience as a speaker and trainer. Carrie has created winning programs that help people learn how to use technology. She was crowned “Teacher of the Year” at a community college where she developed a series of classes helping students learn how to master the computer. As a trainer and speaker, Carrie is known for her sense of humor and ability to communicate complicated concepts in a way that leaves attendees feeling like they have mastered the material.

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