Cory Andrichuk, MCC

13Cory2Cory Andrichuk, MCC

Cory Andrichuk is the Founder, President and Chief Business Coach of Cory’s life-long entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his award-winning sales career in the travel and cruise industry and his love of technology, allowed him to launch his own coaching company, in January 2009. Cory understands travel agents, their business and the new digital and social landscape! He walks the walk, and talks the talk. He’s been on the front lines, dug in the trenches, gotten his hands dirty. He’s in your arena! He’s not giving you just another sales and marketing song and dance…he’s doing for his own career exactly what he will be urging you to do for yours.

Cory coaches from real-life knowledge and experience. With close to 40 years of travel and hospitality experience, he has the skill base to help you find common-sense solutions and develop creative ideas while offering practical advice. He is part of your team. Cory coaches, motivates and challenges you to implement your goals and discover your dreams…he’s your business buddy.

Cory has also embraced the concept of business social media five years ago and has taught thousands of Friends, Followers, Fans, Connections and Circle’s the value of connecting their personal brand with others via business social media.

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Cory Andrichuk
Phone: 604-846-2686

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