Craig Satterfield, ECCS

Craig Satterfield, ECCS
Author, Lecturer, Chat-Host, Full-Time Cruise Counselor

Craig Satterfield has been selling cruises for over 35 years. When the cruise industry was in its infancy, he was one of the very first “cruise only agents” in the country when credibility came from selling airline tickets.

Today Craig has felt the need to give back and help others build their personal brand, find their niche and share his sales and marketing ideas he has used behind the desk for these many years.

He has presented seminars at Cruise World for the last several years, and continues to develop sales and marketing ideas to share with his fellow travel professionals.

Craig hosts the weekly travel agent chat on where he chats with agents who are looking for new ideas and answers to build their businesses. Along with still working full time with a cruise-only agency, Craig has authored his first book, Confessions from the Cruise Scholar, where he has assembled his ideas and history of selling cruises.

Craig is the cruise editor of the monthly digital travel magazine, Travel Professional News, where he continues to share his experience as well as offers ideas for thought.

Craig is a CLIA Elite Cruise Counselor Scholar which is rare since it is no longer offered.

In his spare time, Craig is a classical music fanatic and loves to study composers and their compositions. Some of his favorite composers are Igor Stravinsky, Francis Poulenc, Leonard Bernstein, and of course the masters, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Bach and so many others.

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