Dan Chappelle, MCC

Dan Chappelle, MCC
Founder / Industry Expert / Speaker DanChappelle.com

In his various industry roles, Dan recognized a common denominator in virtually all travel agents he encountered – They did not know how to sell luxury travel. They may of had the product knowledge & taken basic sales classes, but when it came to actually selling luxury travel as a main component of their business- they were lost.

Dan’s teachings are based on developing the mental mindset and the skill sets needed to transform yourself into a successful luxury salesperson.

A resume that encompasses a 360 degree view of the industry & more than 25 years of travel industry experience, Dan Chappelle is uniquely qualified. As the founder of The Wealthy Travel Agent Academy focused on transforming travel sales professionals into peak performers. Most recently Dan was Vice President of Sales at Windstar Cruises for 3½ years as key member of the team that took the line from bankruptcy to Conde Nast’s #1 Small Ship Line in the World. Prior to that time, Dan was with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers for 5 years where he served as Vice President of U.S. Sales and Operations – growing the US to 1000 Independent consultants.

Prior to his time at Expedia Cruise Ship Centers, Mr. Chappelle held the position of Director of Sales and Vendor Strategy for Cruise Holidays, which was then part of Carlson Leisure Group and now Travel Leaders. While there he guided franchise and supplier relations as well as agent sales and training programs. Before Cruise Holidays, Dan co-founded The Cruise Shoppe of Austin developing it into one of the larger cruise agencies in the United States at that time.

Mr. Chappelle attended the University of Georgia, holds a Master Cruise Counselor Certification from Cruise Lines International Association, and is a frequent speaker on sales training and business development at industry events.

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