Kammy Thurman

Kammy Thurman
Digital Marketing Advisor | Lead-Generation Specialist – KammyThurman.com

Kammy is a Certified Travel Advisor turned sales copywriter and digital marketing consultant who helps travel professionals get more leads to click, call, register and buy.

She does this by helping clients craft a unique messaging strategy that sets them apart, builds trust and shows prospects why the client is the BEST option for travel advice and compelling them to call the client instead of the competition. She works with clients on several levels: lead-generation consulting, copy coaching and copywriting services.

Background snapshot:

    • Kammy has 32 years in the travel industry… first as the top-selling travel consultant in 2 agencies then as a copywriter and digital marketing consultant for companies in travel, hospitality, and a dozen other industries.
    • She’s earned professional certification by leading organizations in direct-response and SEO copywriting, digital marketing, customer acquisition, customer value optimization, e-commerce marketing, and email marketing.
    • Over 2,000 of her articles have been published in over 40 business and consumer publications.
    • She was the ghostwriter of 2 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling business books.
    • She has written training courses for American Writers & Artists Inc, Early to Rise, and Agora, Inc.
    • She was named one of the “Top 100 SEO Copywriters in the World” by Forbes Media author, Robert Kim
    • She’s helped over 150 clients sell their products and services online and offline, giving her an in-depth understanding of how to reach very different audiences and move them to a sale.

Why does this matter?

This specialized knowledge helps Kammy optimize conversions for each stage of the buyer journey — with copy and strategy that’s consistent, persistent and persuasive across all the moving parts — ensuring that more prospects click, call, register and buy.

This requires a writer and advisor who understands your prospects, your products, and your industry. Someone who doesn’t just write about travel, but knows how to sell travel products and services to both B2B and B2C audiences through a variety of channels.

Looking to increase leads and sales?

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“If you’re committed to increasing your bottom line – and want an enjoyable working relationship with someone who will take the marketing ball and run with it – Kammy is a marketer’s best friend. Working with her on your marketing projects is an investment that will pay you back many times over!”
– Valerie Young, CEO, changingcourse.com