Kristina Evey

Kristina Evey
The Customer Experience Queen

Kristina Evey helps small businesses focus on delivering the best customer experience possible so that they can make more money, get more customers, build a loyal customer base, all without having to increase their marketing budget.

Kristina helps companies make more money by focusing on the customers that are currently doing business with them. She teaches companies how to improve the way they connect with their customers. They become more profitable by strengthening their relationships with their existing clients to achieve the ultimate goal of customer loyalty. She helps organizations understand that more money is made with existing customers and guides business leaders to view their businesses through the eyes of their customers.

She works with small to large organizations to ensure that everyone’s primary focus is on the customer. Her customer centric strategies are applied in all fields — legal, manufacturing, medicine, financial, hospitality, insurance, etc. Her strategy is to ensure that everyone within a company or group is of the same “Customer Centric” mindset. She provides coaching and training programs for staff, management, and leadership, and her presentations are customized to the needs of the audience.

Kristina is a professional speaker, trainer, and educator in all areas of the Customer Experience. Her presentations actively engage all participants to afford them the experience to carry through in their own customer interactions. She has had numerous articles published and products produced on customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty and is a regular contributor for radio and web interviews.

Kristina brings 20 years of background in the customer experience focus to her clients in a wide variety of fields along with her degree and certification in Psychology and NLP.

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