Matt Bailey

MattBailey2-3MBMatt Bailey
President and Founder, SiteLogic Marketing

Matt Bailey has taught:
• Google employees how to use Google Analytics,
• Experian how to present data,
• Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson online marketing.

Since 1998, Matt has instructed thousands of companies through in-house training, conferences and workshops. He is one of the highest rated speakers in the industry for his ability to communicate complex information in a practical, humorous way.

According to The Direct Marketing Association: “No one else has approached the plain-English demystification of building an effective online presence as cost-effectively and time-effectively as has Matt.”

He is the author of Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day (2011), and Wired to be Wowed (2015)

With nearly 20 years in the online marketing industry, Matt boasts years of experience and an impressive client list; Google, Hilton International, Johnson & Johnson, Gerber Life, Experian, Disney, American Greetings, Travel Weekly, Toys R Us and The Direct Marketing Association are just a few of the hundreds of companies that have benefited from his expertise.

Matt has a passion for education and is focused on developing online marketing professionals. He does this through his in-house training, seminars, conferences and his faculty position at Market Motive. He also produces online training curriculum for The Direct Marketing Association, Rutgers University and

Contact Info:
Matt Bailey
President and Founder, SiteLogic Marketing
Phone: 330-445-2890

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