Nancy Friedman

NEWsqNANCY14Nancy Friedman
President, Telephone Doctor, Customer Service Training

The travel industry has embraced the Telephone Doctor’s customer service and sales programs over the years. Nancy comes through the eyes of the customer. She is not a travel agent, never has been a travel agent, and doesn’t want to be a travel agent!

She is, however, a subject matter expert on communications. And she will help every travel agent in the country improve their communication skills, make more sales, and close the deal! Her award-winning ideas are common sense and her delivery is “laugh out loud” funny.

A two-time Luxury Travel Expo speaker, Nancy’s programs have been presented successfully at Signature Travel,, NEST, Travel Leaders, National Tour Association, CIE Tours, Mast Travel, Uniglobe Travel, and dozens of other travel related conferences.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Nancy and her husband Dick live in St Louis, MO where they owned a radio station and an advertising business as well as the now popular Telephone Doctor customer service training company. Like so many folks attached to The Travel Institute, her passion is customer service and sales.

As the author of 7 books on her communications, Nancy’s programs cover all industries and all job titles.

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Nancy Friedman
Telephone Doctor, Customer Service Training
Phone: 800.882.9911


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