Stephanie Cannon, MBA

Stephanie Cannon, MBA
Founder – SC Travel Design and With Stephanie Cannon

Stephanie is a fellow travel advisor, accountant, and spreadsheet expert and lives life by the numbers.

She began her professional career as a small business accountant and has spent over three decades hands-on with the many intricacies of bookkeeping, financial planning, reporting, analysis, and tax preparation, not only from the practitioner’s side but also as a multiple small business entrepreneur.

During the pandemic, she began helping other travel professionals setup, track, manage, and grow their profitability without hours of number crunching or the need for a finance or accounting degree to do it.

She is a licensed CPA (inactive) and uses that experience and expertise in creating a variety of resources and workshops to help simplify this area of business for the travel advisor community.

“Profit isn’t a once-a-year event! It’s the result of every action and transaction that happens in your business daily.”

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