Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee
Founder, Host Agency Reviews

Hey! I’m Steph! Great to meet you. 🙂 I grew up in the industry and after helping to build the host agency division of a $50M agency, I branched off on my own, determined to build a resource to help advisors navigate the travel industry. And that’s how Host Agency Reviews was born.

Don’t be fooled though, Host Agency Reviews go beyond reviews of host agencies. We have profiles and reviews on consortia and franchise, sport the most robust travel industry event calendar around, and publish our popular blog articles and podcasts. Our team prides ourselves on creating in-depth content for the travel agent community, everything from a free 16-page travel agency business plan to site inspection templates to industry surveys on travel agent income.

When I’m not online and working on HAR, you can find me swirling and twirling and enjoying all the small joys in life. If you can’t find me there, the only other place I could possibly be is snuggling with my two pups: Rigel (the princely Collie mix) and Fennec (the teddy bear Aussie). 🐶 Or causing trouble. Both are equally likely.

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Stephanie Lee
Founder, Host Agency Reviews
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