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Steve-Crowhurstx750Steve Crowhurst, CTC
Owner, Selling Travel

Steve has been in the travel & tourism industry since 1965. He circumnavigated the world by the age of 19, has owned and operated his own travel agencies, worked & consulted for large travel & tourism organizations and addressed audiences in Egypt. Bosnia, Jamaica, UK, Spain to name a few. In addition he has presented Canada-wide and in the USA at various travel trade shows including VCOM’s conference in Las Vegas.

He is the author of a 412 page marketing book for travel agents, a columnist for CT Magazine and the publisher of Selling Travel a FREE e-Magazine that can be found on his website and at Steve’s business approach is based on his “no fluff, no theory” concepts. He comes at what he does with a long term passion and a street savvy depth of knowledge gained in the trenches, working hands-on in the trade. Where most speakers, trainers and consultants tell you what to do, Steve shows you HOW to do it by applying his NBG – New Business Generation concepts. Steve’s presentation style is upbeat, humourous, full of personal anecdotes and his information always current and cutting edge.

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