Steve Crowhurst, CTC

Steve Crowhurst, CTC
Owner, Selling Travel

Since 1965, Steve has had a successful travel industry career as a travel agent, agency manager, senior executive, keynote speaker, trainer, magazine contributor, publisher and author. He circumnavigated the world by the age of 19, has owned and operated his own travel agencies, worked & consulted for large travel & tourism organizations and addressed audiences in such places as Egypt, Bosnia, the Caribbean, UK, Spain and onboard cruise ships. In addition, he has presented North America wide at travel trade shows and conferences. To date he has published 30+ how-to e-Guides, a marketing book, contributed over 425 magazine articles, and created three travel trade e-Zines (Selling Travel back issues are archived at: Currently he is updating his 500-page book, Marketing Ideas for Travel Agents. It will be available in 2020 from The Travel Institute as a PDF eGuide and from as a soft-cover book. Steve continues to author eGuides for the travel agency community based on his “no fluff, no theory” concepts.

Where most authors, trainers and consultants tell you what to do, Steve explains HOW to do it. All Steve’s publications are available through The Travel Institute.

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