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14SGillickSteve Gillick
President, Talking Travel

Steve Gillick loves to travel and loves to talk to people who love to talk about travel. He’s been at it since 1967 when he visited nine European destinations on a school trip and kept a detailed diary of all his experiences.

Steve worked as a tour guide, became Vice President of a tour company, experienced a stint as a full time summer camp director and then joined the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors-the educational trade association for Canada’s travel industry-where he ultimately served as President and Chief Operating Officer.

In 2012 Steve founded his own consultancy Talking Travel: Global Travel Training Solutions with the goal of training travel professionals to enhance their destination sales and marketing skills through customer engagement and ‘dynamic positivity’; all in the service of revenue generation.

In his role as a travel writer, Steve has authored “The Travel Coach” column for Travel Industry Today since 2010. His unique insights into destinations and travel trends have appeared in the consumer publications, Dreamscapes-Travel & Lifestyle Magazine and Euphoria Magazine and e-Tokyo News, as well as Travel Industry publications such as Travel Market Report, Selling Travel, Canadian Traveller Magazine, Open Jaw, and others. A full list of Steve’s articles may be found at Steve is a board member of the Ontario Chapter of the Travel Media Association of Canada.

Steve is a popular conference speaker. Over the years, he’s presented at industry events across Canada, the United States, and internationally. His style has been described as energetic, electric, interactive and effective, and his use of highly creative visuals is both educational and entertaining.

In 2013 Steve began to write, photograph and publish the Trave2-Destination e-zine series that now includes Travel2Japan (3 Issues); Travel2Ireland and Travel2Colombia as well as 2 general destination magazines. (

To date, Steve has explored 72 countries and over 600 destinations

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Steve Gillick, CTM
Talking Travel
Phone: 647-291-4370