Sabre Shortcuts


CP*ZEBOS   (Car Policy for Hertz in Boston)

CP*ZDLAX   (Car Policy for Budget in Los Angeles)

When you are in the car policy, you can move down to certain areas quickly by using the MD/ entry. For example, if you are looking for car types, after you enter the CP*ZDLAX, you would do MD/MAKES, or if you were looking to see if a Debit Card is allowed, you would do MD/DEBIT. How about if you are looking for insurance information, MD/INSURANCE, etc.

To Shop for a full car display

CFBOS/15MAR-16MAR/7A-7P/IC (this entry shows you all available car companies)

CF=Car Find

BOS=Airport Code

/15MAR-16MAR/   = arrival date-dept date

7A-7P = Arrival time – return time

IC = ICAR (CC = CCAR, LC = LCAR, FC = FCAR, etc.)

To sell a car from the above car display, locate which car you want to book (for example, you want to book the 3rd car listed), this entry would look like:

0C3/CD-12345/ID-12356/RC-BEST (you added the CD# and ID# you found in C#)

Car Modify Formats 

To modify an already confirmed car, the entry is   CM (Car Modify) CM1 = Car Modify Segment 1

CM1/ID-12345         to add pax ID#

CM2/CT-SCAR         to change car type

CM1/CD-12345       to add company CD#

CM3/ARR-7A         to change arrival time

Quick Car Sell from *IA entry

*N*IA*C‡   To display the name, the itinerary air portion and the car information.



1 AA1597L 15MAR T BOSORD HK1   600A 750A /DCAA*EDPSSM /E




69.C‡ZI/CD-K383600 WTP DISCOUNT   1ST         ZI/CD-B999900 AAA

70.C‡ZD/CD-U026500 WTP DISCOUNT   2ND       ZD/CD-U004000 AAA

I want to book an ICAR in ORD for 15MAR-21MAR with Budget. Here is the quick entry:


0CAR = sell car, ZD = Budget Car Rental, IC = intermediate car, 1 = after segment/21MAR = return date/ARR is arrival time/CD- = CD#, /RC-BEST   <enter> and the car will be confirmed.


W/-CYLAKE PLACID,NY     (nearest airport service)

W/-CCLAKE PLACID,NY     (city code)

HOTCA-BEVERLY HILLS     (get all hotels in California-Beverly Hills)

HOTRI-LINCOLN   (get all hotels in Rhode Island-Lincoln)

HOTC/FR-LYON   (get all hotels in Country/France-Lyon)

HOTBOS‡BCD‡WTT‡GHL   (3 rate codes. ATI and H‡ for others)

HOTBOS‡BCD‡WTT‡GHL/15MAY-2NT1/RC-ALL/EH,EM   (all Hiltons & Marriotts)

HOTBOS/N-SALEM   (get all BOS area hotels with SALEM in the hotel name)

HOTPVD/A-POST (get all PVD area hotels that has POST in address)

HOTPVD/PC-02865 (get all PVD area hotels in this zip code/postal code)

**to further narrow search, drop 5th digit of zip, drop 4th and 5th, etc.)

HOTLAX/PH-310-540-0500 (get hotel by phone number)

HOTLAX/PH-3105400500   (get hotel by phone number, without dashes)

HOTSAN/BW/N-BY THE SEA     (Best Western with BY THE SEA in name)

HOTORD‡BCD‡WTT‡GHL/15MAY-1NT1/RC-ALL/PH-3129437200 (by phone #)


HOD3416‡BCD‡WTT‡GHL/15MAY-1NT1/RC-ALL (availability by HOD#)


HRD*1     (shows hotel rate display and rates for each night)

MD/DIRECTIONS   (in any HOD display, MD/DIRECTIONS to get to directions)

MD/TRANSP   (in any HOD display, MD/TRANSP to get to transportation offered)

HOD*M   (shows more availability)

Helpful websites:


Sell connection from availability                                    01Y1*

Waitlist flight from availability                                        01Y2LL

Sell passive space (i.e. for Visa PNRs)                         01J1YK

Change all COS (Class of Service) to new COS            WCAM

Change segment 1 to new COS                                    WC1T

Change range of segments to new COS                       WC7-8J

Change multiple segments to new COS                        WC1Q/3M

Cancel all Air segments in a PNR                                 XIA

Cancel all Car segments in a PNR                                XIC

Cancel all Hotel segments in a PNR                            XIH

Cancel and resell same flight in same COS                  X1-2‡0015APR

Cancel all Air segments and resell 3 days earlier          XIA,‡3

Cancel all Air segments and resell 3 days later             XIA,-3

Display multiple items in PNR                                        *N*IA*C‡

Display multiple items in PNR                                       *N*IA*H‡*FF

Display history of Name Field                                        *HN

Display history of itinerary Air                                          *HIA

Display history of seats                                                   *HB

Display history of accounting lines                                 *HAC

Search for lower price on itinerary                                      WPNI

Search for lower price regardless of availability                WPNIS

Search for lower fare w/o alternate airports                      WPNIN

Search for lower fare on specific carriers                           WPNI/ADLUA

Search for lower fare excluding specific carriers                 WPNI/XWN

Choose WPNI option and cancel current itinerary            WC‡3X

Display Sabre Prefatory Instruction Codes                        QI*SYS or KP*

Display Unique 5J82 Prefatory Instruction Codes                   QI*

Display items in specific Queue                                                    Q/170/L

Bounce forward 3 PNRs while in Queue                                     QBI‡3

Bounce back 4 PNRs while in Queue                                          QBI-4

Pull PNR out of Q to work, IR but leave on Q                             QXIR

Pull PNR out of Q to work, ER but leave on Q                            QXER

Shows flight info (equipment, mileage, etc.)                               VI*

Shows flight info from availability segment                                 VA*2

Display Minimum Connect Times (MCT)                                     T*CT-FRA

Display MCT as a numbered list                                                   T*CT-NRT

Display MCT all airlines w/domestic connection                         T*CT-BNA//DD

Display MCT all carriers in city w/2 airports                     T*CT-LON///LHRLGW

Display MCT for specific airport and carrier                    T*CT-DEN/UAUA/DD

To add times to YK/GK air segment in PNR                   .2GK725A1045A

To add record locator to air segment in PNR                 .3YK*ABCDEF