Specialist Test Request Form


We ask that requests for online versions of the specialist test be submitted AT LEAST three (3) business days in advance of your test date. Requests for traditional paper tests should be submitted AT LEAST three (3) weeks in advance to allow for time for your proctor to receive the test via mail.

All Travel Institute tests are proctored tests. When choosing your proctor, our basic requirements for the proctor are that they:

    • A) are over 21,
    • B) are not related to you, the candidate, and
    • C) are not currently preparing to take the Specialist test themselves.

Proctors must be with you during your testing and will provide the link to the test as well as the password to unlock the test (if online). If you choose the paper test, they will bring that test with them on the arranged testing date.

The Destination Specialist tests have a 2-hour time limit, and the Niche Market Specialist tests have a 1-hour time limit. Both kinds of tests need to be completed in one sitting. Plan a time when you won’t be disturbed. The specialist tests consist of multiple-choice questions. Destination specialist tests have either 50 or 100 questions. Niche market tests are 25 questions. Upon completion of your test, your grade will be displayed on the screen.

Good luck as you take this next step in your professional development.