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TRIPKIT Home Based Edition
Are you interested in pursuing a travel career but lack the industry knowledge and fundamentals to get you started? Look no further than our Travel Introductory Program (TRIPKit) or Home-based Programs. TRIPKit is your passport to success as it combines textbook learning with real-world experiences that prepare you to hit the ground running in the travel business.


The TRIPKIT curriculum is designed to provide you with the expertise on critical areas that all travel professionals must have to be successful in this rapidly changing industry. The learning experience is in-depth, self-paced, and delivered in an engaging blended-learning format. TRIPKit is built around two college-level textbooks and related workbooks, plus a series of recorded webinars on key topics. An exam is available upon completion to measure the knowledge and skills gained.

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We use the TRIPKit extensively, and as a training program, also benefit from the instructor manuals and test question banks. In checking out other training resources for new travel agents as far as we can tell there is no equivalent to this basic travel agent training material. -Heather Kindred, CTIE, Program Director, Travel Leaders of Tomorrow



Travel Career Development

The 16-chapter Travel Career Development covers the art of selling travel, the keys to servicing customers, and the diverse career paths available. The textbook was completely updated in 2016.  Written by veteran travel educators, the textbook is bundled with a supporting workbook and a suggested timeline for completion.

Exploring the World

The 15-chapter Exploring the World examines the physical and cultural perspectives of geography, plus a regional breakdown describing specific destinations and their attractions. Written by veteran travel educators, the textbook is bundled with a supporting workbook and a suggested timeline for completion.

How to Start a

Home-Based Travel Agency


If your business model is home-based, this learning bundle is for you, as it combines our two core textbooks and workbooks with expanded content exclusively focused on how to establish and maintain a successful home-based travel agency. Written by pioneers in the home-based agency movement Tom and Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC, it eliminates the guesswork by showing you how to avoid the common pitfalls that can interfere with your success in this alternative work environment.

Insider Insights

Insider Insights consists of 13  “real-world” reviews on a wide range of need-to-know topics – topics that industry veterans often say, “If only I had known that when I started.” It’s no-nonsense information, but delivered in an engaging manner through one-hour recorded webinars and led by a team of industry experts and veterans. Some of the sessions are complete and ready for viewing while others are being added on a regular basis. By the end of 2017, the full series of real-world reviews will be available for your access 24/7. Similar to the rest of the TRIPKit curriculum, Insider Insights is self-paced, plus it’s free as part of your career investment.



1. The Keys to Making Money Selling Travel

Not only are you studying to become a travel professional, you also most understand the principles of running a business. This webinar is a very practical look at the business side of travel and how to make money in your new profession.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapter 13, Travel Career Development textbook

2. The Travel Industry Players

Suppliers, travel agencies and hosts, distributors, IC, DMCs … what do they all do and how do you fit in? This session focuses on the makeup of the industry and the role of the travel agency and travel consultant.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapters 1-2, Travel Career Development textbook

3. What a Day in the Life of a Travel Consultant is REALLY Like!

You like to travel so it’s just natural that you want to go into the business, right? Well, it’s not that simple. In this lively and candid discussion, you’ll learn from an industry veteran and agency owner what’s really ahead for you in this business. You’ll also get tips on what an owner/manager is looking hiring for in an IC and frontline consultant.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapter 1, Travel Career Development textbook

4. Finding the Right Host Agency

Now that you’re familiar with the industry players, it’s important to know what a host agency can do for you. Another priority: understanding what’s involved as an IC and how it may differ from a traditional agency position. This session gets into the nuts and bolts of this and more.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapter 14, Travel Career Development. For further study, especially if you did not choose the Home-Based TRIPKit, we recommend you purchase How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency by Tom and Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC available on our website

5. The Buying Process

As you’ve been learning, travel is a business and whether you’re considering becoming an IC or frontline consultant, it’s crucial to understand the basics of marketing and sales. This session explores the highlights of both core topics as they relate to the retail travel operation.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapters 9-10, Travel Career Development textbook

6. Wheels Up

Air is a major piece of the travel puzzle so it’s important for you to understand the product from both a consumer perspective (like different classes of service) as well as an operational angle (such as how airline costs are determined). This Insider Insight tackles a range of topics in the air space, including how to make money selling air.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapter 4, Travel Career Development textbook

7. Check In, Please

Accommodations, lodging, hotels, resorts, properties … Regardless of the term, hospitality is one of the largest segments in the travel industry. It’s also one of the most rapidly changing products in your business mix. Join this session for a candid discussion of the hottest trends in accommodations, the major characteristics that affect pricing, and very importantly: the information needed when making a hotel reservation.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapter 6, Travel Career Development textbook

8. Beyond a Bus Trip

Escorted or independent, motorcoach or land-based, tours are marketed quite differently than cruises and hotels. This real-world review explores the various types of tours and helps you identify the right tour for the right customer. You’ll also learn how this product has evolved since its early days dating back to the 1840s.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapter 8, Travel Career Development textbook
Note: If you decide to pursue a niche that focuses on Europe or independent travel/FIT (domestic or international), we recommend you continue your studies with The Travel Institute’s CTA Program, paying special attention to the “Selling Escorted Tours” module.

9. Sailing to Success

With celebrity godmothers, champagne christenings, and over-the-top ship décor, cruising is the “glam darling” of the travel industry. But there’s much more to it than the bells and whistles. Pairing the right cruise with the right customer requires the right skills – and a lot of practice. This session will help you navigate the world of ocean and river cruising and learn the trends, nuances, and popular destinations and itineraries.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapter 7, Travel Career Development textbook

10. More than Wheels

Whether your client’s a millennial traveling solo or a multi-gen family traveling to Europe, ground transportation is a staple in nearly every vacation, yet it’s often overlooked by both the seller (that’s you) and the buyer (your client). This session will focus on product knowledge and insider tips about rental cars, chauffeur services, and rail travel. Not only will you understand how ground transportation can enhance your client’s vacation, but also you’ll learn how to grow your bottom line with some proven solutions from an industry expert.

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapter 5, Travel Career Development textbook
Geography Bees – We’ve broken the world down into three regions for some fun “Where in the World” review sessions that showcase the most extraordinary destinations for you to recommend to your clients.

11. The Americas

The United States, Canada, Bermuda, and the West Indies, Middle America and South America;

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapters 2-8, Exploring the World

12. Europe and Britain

The British Isles and Northern, Eastern, and Southern Europe;

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapters 9-12, Exploring the World

13. Africa, Asia and the Pacific

Reading recommendation to enhance learning: Chapters 13-15, Exploring the World

TAP Test

The Travel Agent Proficiency or TAP test is the first step in professional recognition, and is included in the TRIPKit program. The test allows candidates to demonstrate that they have mastered the basics of the travel industry. The TAP test must be taken in the presence of a registered proctor with The Travel Institute. A grade of 70 is considered passing. Although the exam is optional, it is highly recommended as it demonstrates your commitment to your profession and your clients.




The TRIP KIT contains professional material and text books that are designed for agents who are new to the travel industry. While I have a passion for travel and a long career in the industry I am not a professional educator, so why would I try to recreate what already exists? -Rhonda Stanley, VP Talent Development, The Travel Agent Next Door – (CANADA)


Each student has 12 months to complete the suggested syllabus that includes a combination of textbook reading, workbook exercises, along with Insider Insights recorded sessions, and completion of the TAP Test.

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