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A “Let’s Get Social” learning event – “Getting Started: Using Instagram for Your Travel Business” with Denise Vogel

DESCRIPTION: Instagram is one of the most engaging social applications on the Internet. Did you know, the app delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter? So let’s get started!

We will cover additional reasons to consider why you should add Instagram to your social media presence. We will take a look at how to setup your profile, tag your images, writing your captions to some cool apps you use to make your images really stand out. Lastly, we will also go over how when to engage using Instagram.

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A “Let’s Get Social” learning event – “Social Media: The Worst and the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Marketing” with Nolan Burris

DESCRIPTION: Most people don’t really understand marketing, and most businesses do it wrong. Unfortunately, social media has made it possible for those who don’t understand it, do it wrong faster and across more channels. At the same time, more ordinary travel consultants than ever have learned turned it into a revenue boosting marvel.

The answer as to why some succeed where others waste their time is simple. It has nothing to do with technology, and doesn’t require investing a lot of money, if any at all. The secret is hiding in some of the most basic principles of marketing created long before the Internet existed. Here’s a hint: it’s not about you; it’s all about “them.”

In this fun and though-provoking program, we will look to the past for answers today. We’ll help you learn or get reacquainted with the fundamentals of marketing that matter the most. We’ll explore how these simple principles can change the way you think about any marketing, especially social media.

It’s an old twist on a new challenge that can take you from Facebook flop, to Facebook fabulous!

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A “Let’s Get Social” learning event – “3 Powerful Ways to Engage with Pinterest” with Catherine J. Heeg

DESCRIPTION: What are you doing with that collection of photos from your last FAM trip or group cruise tour?

Pinterest is the solution. As the fastest growing social site today, don’t miss learning how to add it to your marketing mix. Let’s magnify your social presence by learning how:

    ** Key words capture new followers
    ** Video pins sharpens your focus,
    ** Your Facebook page adds to your Pinterest strategy
    ** New messaging features can increase engagement

You’ll walk away with a worksheet focused on tips, tricks and trends to spotlight your Pinterest marketing.

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A “Let’s Get Social” learning event – “Escaping the Social Media Black Hole” with Matt Bailey

DESCRIPTION: According to NASA, black holes have a great amount of matter packed into a very small area where nothing can escape. Similarly, many marketers report seeing their social media efforts swallowed up in similar fashion!

Many marketers and business owners are feeling pressure to not only adopt and implement social media as fast as they can; but also to jump on new apps that are grabbing headlines. As though we don’t have enough to do already!

If you feel like your social media marketing efforts are getting lost in cyber space, Matt can guide you through an unlikely escape. In this presentation he’ll share proven techniques that bring measurable effectiveness your marketing.

Matt will outline his 6 Steps to Strategic Marketing Success, which will give direction to your efforts, a means to measure them, and the freedom to selectively choose your social media for marketing! Don’t let guilt and pressure guide your marketing; find freedom by defining your efforts and using the most neglected marketing tool in your office.

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