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“What a Day in the Life of a Travel Consultant is REALLY Like!”

A new job, especially in a new field, may offer some real surprises and “I-didn’t-know-that’s-part-of-the-job” type moments. That’s why knowing upfront what the job entails, even the quirks and challenges, is key to your long-term success.

The Travel Institute can help make that happen! Join award-winning travel veteran Gary Pollard, CTC, president and CEO of Ambassador Tours and vice chairman of The Travel Institute for a candid discussion on what a travel consultant really does. Gary’s been in the industry more than 35 years, was named one of the top 25 travel agents in the business, and has even trained his millennial-aged son on the tools of the trade, so he’s clearly qualified and eager to help. During this free interview-style webinar you will:

  • Learn the responsibilities that come with the position.
  • Find out what owners and managers are looking for.
  • Understand your clients’ expectations of you.
  • Walk away with some very funny real-life stories that all travel consultants experience.
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    Members-Only Event: A Webinar About Nothing

    DESCRIPTION: Join Mike Marchev, CTC and Stuart L. Cohen, MCC for a webinar-UNSCRIPTED. No sales pitch, no slides, no script – just two talking heads prepared to take on whatever YOU bring them! Agents, what keeps you up at night? This is your ‘ask anything’ coaching hour, an unprecedented opportunity to get FREE business advice. This is as UNwebinar as it gets. Who knows what will be on the menu? Master Sales Trainer Mike Marchev, CTC and Chief Motivation Officer Stuart Cohen, MCC, team-up and face-off to help the travel agent community step up. Send questions in advance or fire-away when they’re ‘on-the-air’. (Hey, even if your travel business is perfect, come hear everyone else’s problems).

    NON-MEMBERS: This event is only open to members of The Travel Institute.
    All webinars with The Travel Institute are included for free in your Basic or Premium Membership. Join today and attend this special members-only event!

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