Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Home Base TRIPKIT and TRIPKIT?

Home Base comes with one additional textbook and workbook designed to help you start your independent contractor business.

Does the TRIPKIT give me a license to sell travel?

There currently are no licensing requirements to sell travel. We do highly recommend that you earn your certification though. And we strongly suggest that you check your state laws for any Seller of Travel (SOT) requirements.

How do I get my license to sell travel?

There are currently no licensing requierments to sell travel. We do highly recommend that you earn your certification though.

How do I get my certification if I don't have 12 months of experience?

We encourage you to complete the entry level program (TRIPKIT). Once that is done and you start in the industry, we encourage you to go through the CTA program.

What is the difference between the CTA and TAP exam?

The TAP exam focuses on the 5 areas of travel. Air, Ground, Hotel, Tours and Cruises. The CTA focuses on the professional and practical skills you need to be a successful travel agent.

How long is the CTA test?

Up to two hours

What is the CTA test like?

60 multiple choice questions and 4 essays.

How do I find a proctor?

A proctor is a professional within his or her own industry, such as a teacher, accountant, firefighter, small business owner. Their role is to ensure that you are not using any online or printed materials to help you answer your essay, as well as ensure that you complete your test within the 2 hours.

How far in advance can I request my test?

We must have the test request 5 business days in advance.

I don't have 12 months of industry experience, can I take the CTA test?

Yes, you can. We will hold your certificate until you submit your notirized certification form detailing your experience.

Will I make more money if I'm certified?

Certification is not tied to revenue. That said, a well educated professional has a strong position to increase revenue.

How do I submit my CEUs?

Please visit the CEU Approved Travel Programs page within the Certification tab where you will find a submission form link.