CTA Elective Course Descriptions

CTA 150
Candidates for The Travel Institute’s CTA (Certified Travel Associate) Certificate choose four (4) additional “elective” courses to personalize their study to their professional needs or interests. Below are descriptions of the elective courses.

Candidates study eight (8) “core” courses that are common to all candidates for the certificate. Click Here to read more about the Core courses.

The Travel Institute’s CTA Program – Elective Course Descriptions

Effective Listening Skills
The ability to listen and to react to your customers is a key ingredient in the communication process. Learn how to listen with the purpose of understanding and responding to the needs of the other person.

How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud
Following the correct procedures for accepting credit cards is imperative, as some agencies report that 100% of their transactions are by this method. This course is designed to guide you through the tools available to avoid credit card fraud in all types of situations.

Planning Itineraries
As a travel professional, you sell many trips that have already been created in a cruise or packaged tour, for example. But what do you do when the needs and interests of a client doesn’t match up with existing packaged travel products? This course provides an overview of planning domestic and international itineraries, including how to get started, resources to use, and basic guidelines to follow when planning specialized itineraries throughout the world.

Selling All-Inclusive Resorts
All-Inclusive vacations are one of the most popular options available to today’s traveler. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to take advantage of the profitability and opportunity for repeat business that selling these vacations offer.

Selling Escorted Vacations
An escorted vacation can meet the needs of most travelers at some point in their life. Learn how to profit from the escorted vacations market and identify and attract potential customers.

Selling Travel Insurance
Selling travel insurance makes sound business sense. Not only does it protect the long-term viability of your agency, but it also protects your customer’s vacation investment. Learn the benefits of the seven most common travel insurance products.

Today’s work environment requires good team participation for any kind of company success. Teamwork discusses practical techniques for team success – whether you are a team leader, team member, or in a team advisory role.

Time Management
Internal and external time robbers can prevent you from reaching your goals. Practicing this course’s proven time management methods will help you deal successfully with the ever-changing and challenging demands of your life.

A Destination Specialist (DS) Course
Covering some of the most popular regions of the world, DS courses provide comprehensive destination and travel planning information in a practical, sales-related format. Featuring destination highlights, sample itineraries, cultural and historic insights; each course is an entertaining exploration of the major tourism destinations of the world.

A Niche Market Specialist Course
Niche Market Specialist courses cover seven popular niche markets: Adventure Travel, Golf, Honeymoons and Destination Weddings, Luxury Travel, Skiing, Villas and Well-Being Travel. Niche Market courses are signed to introduce you to the market, provide you with key information on attracting and keeping these specialty clients, and provide an overview of many popular destinations favored by these niche travelers.

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