Travel Agent Training

Which Do You Need?

  1. Starting Your Career
  2. Earning a Professional Certification

Starting Your Career

Start your Travel Agent Training with TRIPKit

The Travel Institute offers travel agent training in the form of its popular Travel Agent Introductory Program, the TRIPKit.

TRIPKit Preview

The curriculum is contained in two college-level textbooks and supporting workbooks to help you master the fundamentals of the travel industry.

Travel Career Development is the cornerstone of the program. Adopted by a number of college programs, you will learn the art of selling travel, the keys to servicing customers, the variety of experiences you may be selling, as the diverse career path available to you.

Exploring the World examines the physical and cultural angles of geography, plus a regional breakdown describing specific destinations and their attractions. Chapter summaries and discussion questions help expand your learning. This course is the foundation from which you will build a successful travel career. You will see the world as world travelers see it – a kaleidoscope of places, people and experiences waiting to be sampled.

Heather Travel Leaders 2015We use the TRIPKit extensively, and as a training program, also benefit from the instructor manuals and test question banks. In checking out other training resources for new travel agents as far as we can tell there is no equivalent to this basic travel agent training material.

-Heather Kindred, CTIE, Program Director, Travel Leaders of Tomorrow


You control how quickly you study the material. The Reading Guide for the course offers plans for nine, eighteen and even 33 weeks of study – but ultimately you decide your study schedule.

Upon completing your studies, we include the Travel Agent Proficiency (or TAP) test so that you can earn your first industry-recognized designation before seeking a position.  This tells employers that you have mastered basic industry knowledge.

Member BenefitsYou also benefit from 3 months free trial of membership with The Travel Institute.  Included with Basic Membership is free online, instructor-led training webinars, 10% savings on all future purchases, access to the members only lounge, and more!

To purchase, choose one these options:

TRIPKit also has a “Home Based” travel agent career option

If you plan to start your business from home, you will want to select the Home-Based Edition which includes the How to Start a Home-Based Travel Agency Textbook and Workbook. This book offers easy-to-follow steps on how to start and operate your own successful business.

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Travel Agent Training: Certification

Certified Travel Associate

The Certified Travel Associate (CTA)

Are you looking to grow your sales, enhance your value with clients, improve your efficiencies, make yourself more marketable – and of course, earn more? The Travel Institute’s all-new CTA course gives you the tools and knowledge to accomplish all those things and much more. The CTA is also the first step to earning the coveted CTC designation.

PattySQLearn More about the Certified Travel Associate Certification
March 9 – 1 pm ET.

Patty Noonan, CTC, will explain how travel professionals can close more sales, improve efficiency and fine-tune customer service skills, all while earning widely recognized industry credentials in the world of travel.

Although you need to have 12 months industry experience to earn the CTA, you can begin your studies at any time.

The new curriculum was written by subject matter experts and covers 15 critical areas of study designed to teach you how to be the very best travel professional. The learning experience is in-depth, thought-provoking, and delivered in a variety of blended learning formats. The new CTA program is a practical, real-life approach to your on-the-job success.

CTA certification is an ideal way to demonstrate dedication, professionalism, and status in the industry. Don’t you deserve that? Start to earn that well-deserved certification today.

“The CTA gave me the ability to speak with authority about things in the travel world that I hadn’t known before.”

– Sandra Nunes, CTA, CSAA

The Certified Travel Associate program can be completed in 3 to 6 months; however, candidates have a full year (12 months) to complete their studies and test.


*Certified Travel Associates (CTAs) are required to earn a minimum of ten Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per year to maintain their certification. In addition to being a member of The Travel Institute, our CEU requirement is an effective way to master new skills, attain product knowledge, remain current on industry trends, and continue to develop your role as a travel professional.

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